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Stock Market Analysis: 12/07/09

Higher prices for risk will translate into lower prices for all risky investments; we should expect to see unique boutique prices and corporate bond prices decline. If good years are followed by bad years and vice versa, you will end up with whip lash as a momentum investor. Thus, two investors with different degrees of risk aversion can end up holding the same portfolio of risky assets and adjust for risk, by altering the proportions of their wealth that they put into the risk free asset. Through most of that post, I focused on emerging markets, where governments are often prone to default, but left untouched the basic presumption that developed market governments like the United States, UK and Germany are default free. I am not a great believer in technical analysis, but this is is one place where price and volume charts may help, especially in assessing how close to the cliff you are. Non-defense capital goods shipments, excluding aircraft, rose 3.3% in June from May, accelerating after the prior month’s 1.6% increase and topping expectations by more than one full percentage point.


If not, we could have one more plunge in the morning Thursday followed by a bounce. I would focus on companies paying high dividends – the list is long – and have little debt & large cash reserves. Below is a list of stocks that are worth watching for February 11, 2011. Also, check out some of the biggest stock gainers of the Day, Top 2011 stock Gainers , stocks to Buy 2011, and Day Trading Tips. While the Treasury in late December ultimately provided guidance that subsidiaries would be covered by the executive order, it said the prohibition would take effect once the department had published a list of those affected subsidiaries. While the explanation for default is simple, when governments borrow in foreign currencies, it is more complex when governments borrow in their own currency. The issuing entity has to have no default risk, which restricts us to government securities, because governments alone have the power to print currency. The trade off that leads to domestic currency default – the debasement of the currency that comes with printing more currency versus the pain of default – has resulted in governments defaulting on local currency borrowings.


Be warned it will take you time to learn to trade. I just hope that you have a mechanism that will tell you when it is time to get out. I attended a boot camp of yours a few years ago and what amazes me the most is how much you have adapted. The evidence is less positive when it comes to individual stocks; while there is some short term momentum, it is much weaker than in the asset marekts. Income and cash flow statements represent flow statements: they measure how much the company earned and spent over the period. 5 billion. Its growth coincides with its superb performance over the period. Its performance over the last three years can be explained largely by the fact that it is under weighted in stocks and over weighted in precious metals. We obsess over our weighing scale readings. While ratings and default rates are highly correlated over time, suggesting that ratings agencies do a good job, on average, there is also evidence that ratings changes are lagging indicators. If the probability of such default exists, even if slight, government bond rates are no longer risk free. The most common and widely used measures of government default are sovereign ratings from S&P, Moody’s and Fitch.


In an earlier post, I examined the mechanics of how best to estimate the risk free rate when there is no default free entity. Best stock Calls rely only on registered, recognized and popular research houses. John Najarian of Fast Money made some bullish comments on the stock. If you are a momentum investor, making money on your gold investment right now, I am happy for you. However, after they end up with painful loses most of them either close their accounts or forget about investing their money in stocks all together. History provides a cautionary note on why return chasing often comes to a bad end. I think that the year end valuation of its properties may be a wake up call for investors – but who knows – valuations may surprisingly go up (similar to Lendlease’s mid year asset valuations), as it is ultimately more of an art than science.